A3 Workshop in Applied Inverse Problems

Okinawaken Seinenkaikan, Okinawa, Japan
Jan 28-30, 2019

Conference Venue
Okinawaken Seinenkaikan
Address: 2-15-23, Kume, Naha-City, Okinawa, 900-0033, Japan
Tel: +81-98-864-1780


Jan. 29th, 17:30-20:00
At the restrant "Alegria" on the first floor in Okinawaken Seinenkaikan (Conference building)
All speakers are invited.

Masahiro Yamamoto (The University of Tokyo)
Jin Cheng (Fudan University)
Takashi Takiguchi (National Defense Academy of Japan)

This workshop is supported by
A3 Foresight Program: Modeling and Computation of Applied Inverse Problems
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(S) 15H05740 by JSPS

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